Day 17 – Smithers, BC to Jasper, Alberta

It is amazing how much your outlook changes when you actually get some sleep!  Today the ride home does not seem nearly as daunting.  The sun is shining, and we have a beautiful road in front of us.  Not much for photos today, which is a bummer because the ride was of course, great.  We’re just in that mode of trying to advance some miles, so we’re cranking them out without much stopping.  Plus, I’m way behind on days, so I need to get some of these posted.

Hey, since I don’t have many photos from the ride,  how about a couple of my new nephew??

What a stud!

And my goddaughter Maggie holding Cooper.  I don’t think it can get much cuter.

Ok, everyone together... Awwwww....

And one from our ride leaving Smithers.  Great terrain.

Not the majestic views of further north, but still great to ride through.

Leaving Smithers, the roads continued to become more civilized, and we had to deal with two-lane traffic that actually had cars on it, which we were not used to.  Back to lots of passing and semis.  Yuck.  But, the ride was all worth it as we pulled into Jasper.  No photos because it started to rain as we entered the town.

Riding into Jasper. Never get sick of these views.

Pulling into Jasper, the hotels all had no vacancy signs, so we road through town and found one on the main drag that had just had a cancellation 5 MINUTES earlier – we got the only room in town, literally.  The closest room after that was an hour away, and we were dead tired, and it was getting dark and it was raining, and we were already over 460 miles in on a tough ride.  That was the good news.  The bad news was that we had to share the room (at the end of a long day of riding, all you want is a room to yourself), and it cost $330.  Sweet.   But, we just needed some sleep for the beautiful drive the next day.

So I wandered out to find us a spot for some food and found a rooftop deck.  I had no idea that a rooftop deck in Jasper with views of the mountains could suck.  Well, it did.  Bailed on that and ended up at the Downstream basement bar.  It was ok.  So strange how some of these towns could be so cool but are so lacking in cool joints to hang out in.

But, we managed to have a blast after another dinner of chicken wings and burgers.  I can now hear myself getting fatter.  It’s really hard to eat well after a long day of riding – especially because in a lot of these places, the only “greens” you can get are iceberg lettuce.  Might as well gulp down some air and drink some ranch dressing…

Peace! Just before the wheels nearly fell off...

Sorta looks like I'm signing our marriage certificate. No, really, this is a good idea.

Then we met Courtney, and things almost got a bit out of control when the bar was closing and she secured two bottles of wine to drink outside.  Somehow, Brad and I made a good nighttime decision and decided to call it.  I have no idea where that discipline and wisdom came from, but I’m glad it showed up when it did.  But, Courtney was so much fun, she gets two pictures.

I know.  Lame post.  A bit behind.  Tired.  Ornery.  Fatter.  Stay tuned.

And our update.  Today we made it to “U.”  Somehow we pulled off 463 miles.

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5 Responses to Day 17 – Smithers, BC to Jasper, Alberta

  1. jennifer cizek says:

    Brad when wil you be home? I’d like to know when to slaughter the fatted calf.

  2. Daddy Wags says:

    Always love reading these, Eric.

  3. Mack says:

    ernest hemingway once said “write drunk but edit sober”. You are doing well, Eric. You can always edit later.

  4. Courtenay!! says:

    Eric!! Wish you guys didn’t bail on the wine night. Drank it by the tracks and crushed pennies with some Ontario kids! Happy I got to meet you!

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