Good morning!  Ok, this does not mean you can stop reading the blog! (There are still about four days I need to post.) But, we’re coming into Milwaukee tonight, if all goes well.  We’re planning to hit Cafe Hollander sometime between 4 and 6, probably between 5 and 6.  Come on down and join us for a small return party.  Nothing big, just a beer or two before I go home and pass out.

I can’t believe the trip is almost over.  I may turn around and do it again.

But, still a couple more days of travellogue to go, so stay tuned.  The last couple days have been very long riding days, so I just didn’t have time!


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8 Responses to Incoming

  1. Miki says:

    Welcome “back”…!!
    won’t make it to Cafe Hollander on time ;-))

  2. melissa says:

    We will be there in spirit! Beer in hand – though probably not a “good” one!

    • ericgwagner says:

      I hope you were having a beer with us in spirit! We’re home, but I’ll try to get the last couple days posted soon. I’m sure you’re sitting next to your computer just waiting for the additions…

  3. Tonieh says:

    I changed the order to 2 dozen balloons. 4 dozen just seemed like overkill. Govs. Walker & Quinn have also arranged to have confetti pour down on you guys as you cross the state line. Welcome back!

  4. Fran Greenwald says:

    Congratulations both of you! I have followed the blog although I have not commented. I know that you will have many friends and family to follow you both and comment. To me this was an amazing trip and your blog helped me see a wonder of the northwest and beyond. I love Jenny and am so glad Brad kept his nose clean on this trip, as far as the photos go!!!!!! I know he loves Jenny but who knows what the Yukon and beyond holds for a biker and pilot?????? Fran Greenwald, Weston, FL

  5. Mike Schultz says:

    Hey Eric, the guys from Canada say hi to you and Brad
    Hope you didn’t have any yard sales on the way home

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